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AFL-CIO’s National President Says Union Escalating Campaign Against American Crystal Sugar

By PI Staff

We pledge to coordi­nate and support the efforts to highlight American Crystal Sugar’s total disregard for its employees and to make them a poster child for cor­porate greed and profit over employees.”

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The Farmers Share

By Katy Kassian

Found it vastly alarming that according to the USDA the farmer, on average, receives 15.8 cents of every dollar that we, the consumer spend on food.

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Time to Make Your Voice Heard

A voice has been missing from the political debate over the future of Social Security and Medicare – yours.

For more than a year, the President and Congress have been talking about changes to Medicare and Social Security as part of a budget deal. Absent from these discussions is how any changes would affect you and your family. Starting this week, we’re taking the debate out from behind closed doors in Washington, and launching “You’ve Earned a Say” – a national conversation to ensure you and other North Dakotans have a say in the future of Medicare and Social Security.

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New Health Law Guide provides personalized report

President Barrack Obama supports AARP’s new health initiatives. (Photo courtesy of )

Today AARP launched a personalized online tool, the Health L aw Guide, to help people of all ages understand benefits available currently and in the future under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Through a brief se­ries of questions, AARP’s unique web-based tool provides an indi­vidually tailored report outlining coverage details based on an indi­vidual’s existing health care coverage or what other health cov­erage the individual may be eli­gible to get.

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Gary Granzotto: New President of North Dakota ALF-CIO

By Don Morrison

Gary Granzotto, President of the ND ALF-CIO

(Gary Granzotto of Minot was elected President of the North Dakota AFLCIO at the state labor federation’s fall convention in Grand Forks. He succeeded Dave Kemnitz of Mandan who served as president for the past 28years. The Prairie Independent’s Don Morrison recently talked with Granzotto about the importance of what he does.)

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Sugar Beet Lockout: Dispute Continues to Hurt Workers

American Crystal Sugar’s North Dakota workers are still being denied unemployment com­pensation, even though the company’s Iowa and Minnesota work­ers have been granted benefits after be­ing locked out by the company.

So far, North Dakota administrative officials have upheld the denial and legislators refused to allow the issue to be discussed at the Special Session in early November. Workers and their supporters say Continue reading

Government Policies Matter

Productivity vs. compensation

EPI analysis of Bureau of Economic Analysis and Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Union Sugar Beet Workers Stand Up to Stop Slide

By Don Morrison
On the eastern side of the state, the nation’s largest sugar beet processor has locked out 1,300 workers in a dispute that could impact wage levels in the region. American Crystal Sugar Co. broke off negotiations with the workers’ union July 28 with a “final offer” Continue reading

Strong Unions = Strong Middle Class

By Stacy Sturm

Why should anyone—especially those who are not union members—care that union membership is dropping nationally and likely to fall even further?
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