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Good News for Bad Times Ahead

By Derri Scarlett

Doomsayers abound in 2012 – everyone from the Mayans to Nostradamus to fundamen­talists seeks to assure us that the sky, indeed, is falling.

Amid all this comes an unlikely trio to offer yet another scenario, as well as the answer to surviving it. It’s all found in a nonfiction book called “Visions from Heaven: Climbing the Ladder to Spiritual Oneness.”

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ArtsQuest Coming Up at Bismarck State College

The BSC Arts and Communi­cations Department sponsors ArtsQuest each school year. It is an annual celebration of music, art, theater, film and literature. ArtsQuest highlights the talents of BSC students and brings performances and presentations by renowned guest artists to campus and venues throughout the community

All ArtsQuest events are open to the public, and most are presented at no charge. Below is a schedule of Arts­Quest 2012 events as well as the head­line performances. For more informa­tion go to

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Keane coming to Bismarck for poetry reading

Erin Keane is the author of two collections of poetry, Death Defying Acts and The Gravity Soundtrack. Photo courtesy of

Bismarck Downtown Artist Co-op will host a poetry reading at 7 p.m. on Wed. March 28.

Erin Keane will be reading, as well as local poet Adam Jenkins. The University of Mary’s Language and Literature Department and the North Dakota Humanities Council are sponsoring the reading. There will also be artwork on display created by BDAC artists inspired from Erin Keane’s latest collection of poetry, Death Defying Acts. Bismarck Downtown Artist Co-op is located at 222 N 4th St.

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Celebrate Youth Art Month

Celebrate Youth Art Month at Bismarck Dowtown Art­ists Cooperative.

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Spectacular North Dakota Hikes Bring the Dog

By Barb Price

As I began reading Spectacular North Dakota: Hikes Bring the Dog, I realized that Susan Wefald has already written a review for her book so I will use her first paragraph which so perfectly states the purpose for Spectacular North Dakota Hikes Bring the Dog. “This book is for anyone who wants to explore North Da­kota’s diverse landscape and learn more about its history. It’s for families who want to expand neighborhood strolls into the great outdoors. It’s for seasoned hik­ers looking for new experiences. And it’s for people who love the idea of hiking with their dogs.”

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The Light at the End of the World: A story of spiritual transformation in a time of catastrophic change

By Barb Price

For the past 10 years there has been talk about Global Warm­ing and Climate Change. These are not new to the history of our world. Lorraine Dopson has writ­ten a most wonderful story of the end of the ice age about 10,000 BC. She writes how the melting of the ice in that time caused a crisis for the “People of the Mother”, peaceful natives roaming the European plains. The story looks at the events through the eyes of Thistle, a brave girl who lived in a tribal society before recorded time. Continue reading

A Concrete Poem

This is a concrete poem made by Wyatt LaRoque, Liberal Arts and Leadership student at United Tribes Technical College. Wyatt is a student in Readings in Native American Lit­erature taught by Brian Palecek. He is an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa. Wyatt used words from the Dine (Navajo) language. In a concrete poem, words are arranged to express the meaning of the poem. Continue reading