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Dish from the Diva: Unleashed

By Amber Rae Bernhardt

Back when being in Bismarck meant that I was visiting briefly from far out of state, I would make it a point to designate the Broken Oar as the specified location at which to reconnect with friends and family during my all too limited time in town. As I wouldn’t have the oppor­tunity to enjoy all the recreation and hit all the hot spots offered to me in the few short days I would carve out to be home.

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Kids With Beards

By Amber Rae

Once upon a time I found myself in beautiful Jackson Hole for 14 hours and decid­ed to take a 2 a.m. stroll through the warm, moonlit woods in my bathrobe, like you do.

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Dirty Blonde

I use the side door at the Silver Dollar. That puts me at “semi-regular” status, somewhere between a bachelorette party and a motorcycle club. I step in out of the evening Mandan mist to the familiar hum of the dimly lit, smokey dive that has happily become my second home and gently push my way through the diverse and eclectic crowd to the booth nearest the middle bar (the one with the stuffing exposed from the rip along the back and the busted springs that result in a dip in the seat on the left side.) Mel, my favorite cocktail waitress, with her apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur, meets me with a freshly cracked can of ice cold PBR. “From Doug,” she says as I tip her and nod at the gifter, the bar’s manager of 15 years, a hulking teddy bear of a man who will either give you a hug or the beat down, depending on how you treat your fellow patrons in his presence. Doug nods back as I wedge myself into the table with my usual gang of misfits and say my hellos.

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Dish from the Diva: The Gefroh Brothers

By Amber Bernhardt

Jimmy Gefroh is so adorable he makes me want to punch a kitten. Then he starts talking…and even more kittens are subject to my involuntary violence. I was certain he was the hands down sweetest person I had ever met — until he introduced me to his little brother, Stephen.

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