Broken Thumbs: Twisted Metal

By Mike Swenson

Twisted Metal (PS3)- A quick review. If you liked Twisted Metal Black for PS2, then you’ll probably like this one.

However, you probably won’t play it much after the first day. Story mode can be completed in under 5 hours. In lieu of each character getting their own story, it’s been trimmed down to 3 people, each of which get 3 mis­sions. And they unfortunately get boring really fast.

Multiplayer has so far proven to just be a free for all. Kill or be killed, respawn and do it again. No Teams, no reason to play more than a few matches. Also the online menu sys­tem isn’t intuitive at all. I was left confused knowing what I could or could not select. The color choices of gray and gray certainly don’t help much either.

Overall 3/5 – graphics are updated, gameplay’s fast, the carnage is fun. And you can do your own playl­ist for the soundtrack, which you’ll want to do after hearing the awful TM theme for the 20th (or 3rd) time. But overall, it’s worth renting.

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