Shade Tree Players Productions

By PI Staff

Shade Tree Players will perform two plays dur­ing the month of June. Shade Tree is spon­sored by Dakota Stage Ltd. and is a theater acting troupe for children and teens.

Their first play will be Gooney Bird Green and her Fabulous Animal Pa­rade that will run from June 21 – 24 at the Dakota Stage Theater, 412 E. Main Avenue in Bismarck.

The second play, Hairy Tale Rock, will run June 28 – July 1 at Frances Leach High Prairie Arts and Science Complex, 1810 Schafer Street, Bis­marck. Both plays will appeal to audi­ences of young people and adults.

Gooney Bird Green and her Fabu­lous Animal Parade – Mrs. Pidgeon has just begun a unit on Aesop’s Fables when the classroom door opens and Gooney Bird Greene bursts into the room. The Watertower Animal Shelter is about to close due to lack of funds, she announces! What will happen to all the poor little dogs and cats? “I know!” says Gooney Bird with her wonderful sense of adventure. “Let’s create our own fables right here in class, Mrs. Pid­geon, and then perform them as a fun­draiser for the animal shelter. We can each create a story using an animal that matches our own initial.” Mrs. Pidgeon agrees to the stories, but only if they have morals like Aesop’s Fables do.

And so Gooney Bird and her class­mates set about creating their own flamboyant fables. Chelsea dramatizes what happens when a Chihuahua takes for granted the kindness of the lady who loves her; Beanie tells the thrill­ing tale of a frightened bear cub who courageously rescues her bigger broth­er caught in a trap; Keiko becomes a mama kangaroo in search of her lost baby who learns to never stray far from home; Barry shares the gripping drama of bison herds on the western prairies; Tyrone raps the “Tale of Tyrannosaurus Rex,” a young dinosaur who learns how important it is to stay in school; and in “Two Gnus Are Better Than One,” Gooney Bird and Nicholas launch into a series of hijinks on the grassy plains of Africa. And there’s more!

Felicia Ann hops throughout the classroom as a flamingo proud of its color, and Malcolm portrays a mandrill that learns to love his three newly born triplet siblings. Even Mrs. Pidgeon and the school principal contribute their distinctive talents. Other students join the fun portraying a deer, a stop sign, a wallaby, a giraffe, a lion, a swarm of buzzing bees, a koala bear, a moldy old vulture, a television crew and many, many more!

This play is directed by Laura Rysavy with Brandon Wetch serving as the Assistant Director.

Performances are at 7:00 p.m. on June 21 – 23 and 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 24.

Hairy Tale Rock – Can a children’s show really be about true love? Sure it can, when those involved include the supremely bratty Prince Rupert, the equally obnoxious Princess Iphigenia, peasant children Elton and his sister Ernestine who sell the family’s elec­tronics for a measly five beans that they hope are magic, and Rapunzel and her brother Bill, who are forced to stay in an enchanted tower because they refuse to get a haircut. The prince and prin­cess have been exiled to the wild woods of Wychwood and can’t return home until they each find true love. But who would love such spoiled brats? With a fairy tale committee that includes a super-cool big bad wolf and a bumbling fairy godmother making the rules, this rocking and rolling romp is a tangle of twists and turns! Hairy Tale Rock will have you laughing until the curtain falls and everyone, okay, almost every­one has learned the meaning of true love, true sacrifice and truly hilarious storytelling.

Hairy Tale Rock will play at 7:00 p.m. on June 28 – 30 and 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 1.

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