Broken Thumbs: Track and Field

By Mike Swenson 

With the Olympics starting July 27 in London, I thought we’d take a look back at one of of greatest games in the genre: Track and Field.

Published by Konami in 1984, this button mashing competitor set the standard for olympic themed games.

With events such as the 100m dash, long jump, and hammer throw all in it’s 8 bit, 2 button glory.

Gamers around the world shared friendly wagers on who could tap the fastest.

Konami released a sequel for NES in 1988, along with many other iterations over the years. However, none have replicated the original sense of pride after defeating Russia in the Hammer Throw for the first time.

According to Twin Galaxies, in 2008, a new world record was set for high score, showing that even after 24 years, people are still playing it. You can still play the game today using a NES emulator for your phone, or finding the cartridge on eBay for about $7.

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