North Dakota: Where the vastness of our skies inspire the strong and intimidate the weak

By Katy Kassian

Almost Heaven, North Dakota
Rolling prairies,
Mighty Missouri River
Life is old here…Older than
the trees (really)
Younger than the rivers, flowing like a dream

County roads, Take me home
To the place I belong,
North Dakota, flat land Mama
Take me home.

 All my memories, Gather ‘round her,
Most our Farmers,
strangers to big mountains!

 Dark and windy, Lightening in skies…
A misty taste moonshine…
definitely brings teardrops to my eyes.

 I hear his voice, in the morning hours he calls me.
Milo Hatzenbueler on the radio, reminds me of my home far away.
And driving down the road, I get the feeling
that I should’ve been home yesterday…

Giant Grasshoppers
Height: 40 feet Length: 60 feet
These Giant Grasshoppers stand as a reminder of the hardships that farmers have overcome making their living off the land.

I think you have to be a special kind of person to make North Dakota your home. Some traits that we Nor’ Dako­tan’s possess are a sense of humor, fear­lessness, a willingness to tackle prob­lems head on, our word is our bond and a Handshake still means something. A love of the wild beauty and the simple pleasures of the prairies.

You can make the same drive nearly every day, and see something different each time. One day the flax in full bloom (mists of Avalon), another The Open Range (literally). And on yet another day, a giant grasshopper on the Enchant­ed Highway and fields of Sunflowers.

There is something for everybody here; the arts, incomparable scenery, fabulous fishing and hunting, exciting sports. And so much more.

Some of my favorite sites in ND are the Buzzard Roost Ranch and the Open Range. The same field that has the Open Range used to have a sign that said “Welcome to North Dakota, Mountain Removal project complete!” I giggled every single time we went past it.

Everybody has their favorites….these are mine.

Take some time to look around and really see what all we have. Stop by a café some kuchen and strike up a conversation. Take a moment to smell the rain in the air.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we fail to see the beauty in our kids playing in the sun­shine, or the gorgeous sunrises.

Wally the Walleye
Length: 26 feet
Weight: 820 lbs.
Wally is a tribute to the area’s awesome walleye fishing. Wally was erected in 1980 at a cost of $10,000.

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