Good News for Bad Times Ahead

By Derri Scarlett

Doomsayers abound in 2012 – everyone from the Mayans to Nostradamus to fundamen­talists seeks to assure us that the sky, indeed, is falling.

Amid all this comes an unlikely trio to offer yet another scenario, as well as the answer to surviving it. It’s all found in a nonfiction book called “Visions from Heaven: Climbing the Ladder to Spiritual Oneness.”

Lorraine Dopson if the author of Visions from Heaven.

Lorraine Dopson, the author of a work of fiction, “The Light at the End of the World,” got a phone call in 2007 from her friend Ron Hodge, a lawyer and descendant of the Powhatan tribe, who was dying of cancer. Hodge was also a spiritual medium.

Dopson had met him years ear­lier, when he read about her work combining therapy with hypno­sis. He tried it back then, but was disturbed by the appearance of his Native ancestors in the room while he was in a state of deep relaxation, so he terminated the sessions. Now, he told her on the phone, the ances­tors were back, and, this time, they weren’t taking no for an answer.

“You are to write a book,” they told him.

When he suggested he might not be up to the task, they instruct­ed him to contact Dopson and Jan Huber, a teacher friend, to help him.

Thus, the three began a journey to take in a powerful message from a mélange of spirits – including Hodge’s Native ancestors, a group known as the Light Beings and the disciple Mark – and offer it to the world.

“Jan and I agreed to help him,” Dop­son says. “We felt honored, and we agreed to meet at Ron’s house twice a month for about an hour and a half each time.”

The sessions were recorded and later transcribed. And it’s a good thing, be­cause the work covers such heady and lengthy topics as the Creator, the soul, war, love and even the economy.

These spirits warned of great changes in the world and in weather, and a time of turmoil ahead.

“Their purpose was not to scare peo­ple,” Dopson says. “It’s not ‘the end.’ But the spirits want to offer encourage­ment to develop our spiritual selves as a way of dealing with the great time of change. Great spiritual beings are com­ing closer as the vibrations of the Earth are spinning up.”

The spirits bemoan the focus on ego, aligned with intellect, Dopson says. “We need to reintroduce spirituality and the soul to make the next evolutionary leap.”

They underlined the importance of prayer, Dopson says. “We will need the gifts of prayer in the coming turmoil.”

Despite Dopson’s belief in what the spir­its were saying, she hesitated in putting the book together.

“I’m a people pleaser,” she says. “I didn’t want to embarrass myself. I final­ly decided, ‘That’s not a good attitude.’”

Dopson has self-published the book through Angelfire Press. It is available from Amazon as a paperback or Kindle download, from as a Nook download, and as a paperback from her own website,

“As of now the inhabitants (of Earth) are not learning lessons. You are preoccupied with amassing physical things. You are not counseling with your spiritual being. So you are getting ready to go into turmoil. The turmoil you will experience during the transition is not based on punishment but on the Creator’s desire to move you toward another path. You will have to receive gifts of spiritual insight now in order to go on to new territory. Without this wisdom, which you lack or have forgotten, you will find it difficult to continue.”
– From “Visions from Heaven”

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