Tribal Colleges Honor ND Higher Ed Leaders

Two lead­ers of the North Dakota University System were honored July 17 by the presidents of North Da­kota’s Tribal Colleges.

Former NDUS Chan­cellor William Goetz and Vice Chancellor Mike Hillman were thanked and lauded for their coopera­tive work in strengthening the partner­ship and working relations between tribal colleges and the state university system. Gifts were presented and an honor song rendered for the pair in the Healing Room of the Lewis Goodhouse Wellness Center at United Tribes.

The signature accomplishment of the tribal/state partnership was en­actment in 2007 of a law providing a nominal amount of state funding for non-beneficiary students who attend tribal colleges. In the 43 year history of tribal colleges in North Dakota, and after more than 20 years of try­ing, it was the first direct financial support provided with state resourc­es. “If it wasn’t for your support and testimony, I don’t know if that law would have passed,” said Jim Davis. “Thank you for your professionalism and friendship.”

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