Stance on Flood Insurance Insulting to North Dakotans Affected by Flooding

U.S. House Candidtate Pam Gulleson called out oppo­nent Kevin Cramer for his allegiance to extreme right-wing group Club for Growth, which advocates eliminating the federal flood insurance program and wants to strike all new flood insurance programs. Thus far, the Club for Growth has given over $100,000 to Cramer’s campaign – $59,032.31 in Independent Expenditure support, in addition to $41,178.00 in di­rect contributions to his campaign.

Once Cramer finally went on the re­cord about the Farm Bill, he stated that that, “[The Farm Bill] is the one area of disagreement that the Club for Growth and I have had.”

“If my opponent only opposes this aspect of the Club for Growth’s extreme agenda, then he evidently supports their dangerous stance on federal flood in­surance,” said Gulleson. “This week I’m in Minot at the State Fair, an event that only a year ago was cancelled due to de­structive flooding. Being here this year is a constant reminder that flood insur­ance matters for our state.”

Many communities across the state have experienced devastating flood damage in recent years, including Far­go, Bismarck, Grand Forks, Wahpeton, Valley City, Devils Lake, Lisbon, Lin­ton, Beulah, Jamestown, Drayton, Pem­bina, Hazen, Mott, Park River, Wal­halla and Neche. Minot’s devastating Souris River flood caused more than $1 billion in damage and displaced more than 11,000 people from their homes last year.

“It is fundamentally irresponsible for Cramer to depend on a group that wants to end federal flood insurance for financing his campaign,” said Gulleson. “If elected, would Cramer stand with North Dakotans in the case of a devas­tating flood? Or would he stand with the outside interests who seek to control his vote?”

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