More than just “Pipe Dreams”

Pipe Dreams is a documentary film produced by Jane Kelly Kosek and Leslie Iwerks. The film was just recently nomi­nated for the shortlist of the Academy Awards. Eight documentary films out of 48 were selected to the short­list and then will be judged in three large cities. T he final announcement for the academy nominations will be announced on January 24.

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Pipe Dreams is a film about the ongoing debate of the Keystone XL Pipeline, a 40-minute documentary that explores the social, political and environmental impacts of the $7 bil­lion construction of the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline.

This movie is directed by Acad­emy Award nominated filmmaker Leslie Iwerks and narrated by Daryl Hannah, who was arrested in Wash­ington D.C. on August 30 for pro­testing the pipeline’s construction. This film marks the third outing on the subject by Iwerks, with the most imminent potential to influence a na­tional decision on the pipeline.

The film uncovers the realities be­hind building this 1,980-mile pipeline through the heartland of America. Through interviews with landown­ers, politicians, scientists, engineers, environmental groups, activists and more, it discusses the increas­ing ramifications of America’s reli­ance on Canada’s tar sands, as well as the sacrifices on people, wildlife and the environment in the long term. On the opposite side, it will examine Keystone’s proposed job creations, the land reclamation, projected rev­enue for landowners and taxpayers, reliance on foreign oil, and pipeline safety history in America. In addi­tion, the film will take a look at the existing Keystone I Pipeline, its on­going leaks, and the personal stories of landowners whose land it has af­fected. Some of these landowners are from Marshall (SD) and Sargent (ND) Counties.

In November President Obama de­layed his administration’s decision on the pipeline until 2013 to have time to review alternative routes. In Decem­ber Republicans in Congress insert­ed, into a payroll tax bill, a require­ment that the Administration decide on the pipeline within 60 days, which will be in late February.

Iwerks’ previous films Dirty Oil and Downstream (shortlisted for an Academy Award in 2009) have covered the environmental and social conse­quences of oil production from the tar sands regions in Alberta, Canada (visit and

A public showing of Pipe Dreams was held at Cogswell Community Center on Wednesday, January 4. No future showings are scheduled for Bismarck at this time. However, the trailer or pre-view of Pipe Dreams can be seen at

2 responses to “More than just “Pipe Dreams”

  1. The heartland of America is criss-crossed with oil and gas pipelines. A pipeline running through your backyard is a lot safer than trucks full of oil rolling down the highway.

  2. There is two Tar Sands pipe lines criss crossing our country. The one had 12 leaks in its first year and the other one poisened 100’s of people in Mich with no clean up in site. Ya put it in your back yard and see how much you love it.