The Light at the End of the World: A story of spiritual transformation in a time of catastrophic change

By Barb Price

For the past 10 years there has been talk about Global Warm­ing and Climate Change. These are not new to the history of our world. Lorraine Dopson has writ­ten a most wonderful story of the end of the ice age about 10,000 BC. She writes how the melting of the ice in that time caused a crisis for the “People of the Mother”, peaceful natives roaming the European plains. The story looks at the events through the eyes of Thistle, a brave girl who lived in a tribal society before recorded time.

This is the time of the Great Mother. She was nature, she was the earth and she was the unseen dimension of soul or spirit. “The People” were connected through her to the earth and the starry sky as one being. During this time hu­mans considered themselves as part of a group, not as individuals. About 10,000 B.C. some of The People begin to sense a forewarning of change. “Thought Holder” can no longer answer The Peo­ple’s questions. “Mad Edna” tells sto­ries of strange sicknesses and storms. Tenja, the “Starwatcher” has dreams of a broken sky.

Thistle ponders the words and ways of the elders. Dreams and confusing images begin to come to her. These send her on a journey to find the truth. This trek leads her to tribes she had met at the annual gathering and others that were entirely new to her. Her path leads her through loss and loneliness to the dreadful insight that will change her life forever.

As the ice is melting the animals The People depend on for survival find new grazing lands causing the hunt­ers to have to range farther away from home. The tribes living along the sea and rivers loose their homes and have to move to higher and higher ground, joining together with Thistle’s people. Thistle seeing what is happening be­gins to domesticate the deer. She also realizes that there has to be a way to record the stories of The People, devel­oping an alphabet using symbols.

I highly recommend this book as a great read at the beginning of the New Year. It will lead you to contemplate humans place in the universe. What do we need to do at the end of the world as we know it? “The Light at the End of the World” will lead to exciting discus­sions among readers.

About the Author

Lorraine Dopson lives in Bismarck with her husband and son. I had the great opportunity to meet her earlier this year and was excited to learn of her books. She is a counselor and painter as well as a writer. She has been long interested in the evolution of conscious­ness. The goal of her work has been to acknowledge and nourish the human soul, in herself and others. She is drawn to what is hidden, taken for granted and neglected. The surface never holds her interest for long, only what lies beneath. And why it was buried.

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