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How do you know what “it” is?

By Kelly Hagen

Sometimes life events come along and teach you lessons you forgot long ago.

For me, that life event in­volved a smaller-than-I-would-have-liked hospital room, a whole lot of screaming and crying (in my defense, I had a headache) and a tiny person emerging through a process that I don’t like to describe in great detail.

Which brings us to Christmas. Continue reading

Top-Selling Christmas Toys of All Time

By Stacy Sturm

This list encompasses the Top 10 Hot Christmas Toys of all time. “Hot” means they flew off the shelves. Every kid just had to have one. Kids (and some adults) spent their time feverishly begging and pleading for the item, while normally calm and level-headed people become hot-headed shopping maniacs.

The list was compiled using sales, “buzz,” news stories, web searches, and web mentions. The list is in order of their release, not neccessarily sales.

10. Mr. Potato Head (1952) – 1 mil­lion sold. Mr. Potato Head was the very first toy advertisement on TV. Continue reading