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Political Valentines: Watching Republicans at Play

Betty Mills

By Betty Mills

Ah, yes, February, the month of those dreaded valentines. Or at least that was my view of that romantic event back in the days of my grade school childhood based on my mother’s insistence that valentines, nice valentines, must be giv­en even to boys you hated.

“He conned me into getting on the teeter totter and then he spit right in my face,” I protested, vintage 4th grade. Continue reading

Like yourself, and the rest will follow

By Kelly Hagan

I like me. I don’t know if you noticed.

I’ve been kicking around a theory about people who like themselves, because I spend a lot of time on Facebook, which is filled by two things: people and “like” buttons. So I’m about to get really preachy and self-helpy about life, and we’ll find out at the end whether or not you like what I have to say. I know I will. Like I said before, I really like me. I say awesome things. Continue reading

How do you know what “it” is?

By Kelly Hagen

Sometimes life events come along and teach you lessons you forgot long ago.

For me, that life event in­volved a smaller-than-I-would-have-liked hospital room, a whole lot of screaming and crying (in my defense, I had a headache) and a tiny person emerging through a process that I don’t like to describe in great detail.

Which brings us to Christmas. Continue reading

The movement will continue

By Betty Mills

To say it was an incredible, un­believable scene is putting it mildly.

There were students at the University of California, Davis, seated on the ground doing nothing more in­timidating than doing nothing, appar­ently staring at the cement beneath them in a protest against the increase of fees at the university. Then a po­liceman showed up with a hose and a yellow cloud of pepper spray was showered on the students, back and forth, back and forth, as though he were watering a flower bed. Continue reading