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Northern Great Plains Research Lab Marks 100 Years of Contributions to Agriculture

Cabbage was one of the many vegetables evaluated at the Northern Great Plains Research Lab in 1915.

By Sue B. Balcom

Nobody said farming North Da­kota would be easy. In a land of little or no rainfall and very few trees to block the wind, early homesteaders found a friend in The Northern Great Plains Research Lab south of Mandan. Its re­search and trials have contributed great­ly to the success of crops and livestock, not to mention vegetables and fruits, in the semi-arid climate west of the Mis­souri River.

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Landowners Say State Government Needs to Correct Pipeline Company Tactics

BISMARCK—Some landowners in the Oil Patch say the State of North Dakota must stop ignoring major problems with current pipeline development while it promotes more oil pipelines as called for by the recent Governor’s pipeline summit.

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Hypocritical Actions on Restoration of Mined Farmland

Dear Editor:

North Dakota has the strongest law in the United States on restoration of mined farmland, but the state Supreme Court’s recent Coal Lake ruling threatens to make it a dead letter.

The court upheld the Public Service Commission’s decision that recreation was a “higher and better” use for 86 acres of mined land than raising crops.

The coal companies think up these alternatives and so far the PSC has given its blessing to all of them – golf courses, dirt bike tracks, shooting ranges, waste disposal pits. Adding these to what’s considered a “higher and better” use exempts the coal company from meeting farm productivity standards. Continue reading