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Cartoon Corner: Obamacare

Recycling Rules!!

Change in Action

By PI Staff

People in Bismarck have started their own curb-side recycling since the city of Bismarck has failed to act on recommendations made by many citizens. People organize their garbage into the regular pick-up and then the recyclable garbage which is put into a separate container and placed outside on garbage day. It is hard to know what the city does with it, but they are removing it each week.”

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Being good in the absence of any God

By Waylon Hedegaard

As an atheist, I have often been confronted by different believers with the same basic question; since I don’t believe in God, why try to be good? In their eyes it’s a legitimate question. In the absence of God, shouldn’t I be off committing acts of murder, rape and pillage? After all, if there is no all-powerful being doling out punishments for my sins, what’s to stop me?

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