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Interview with “Trail Blazer” Ian Easton

Interview by Don Morrison

Ian Easton racing at the Dakota 50 near Spearfish, SD in 2011.

Ian Easton, 32, is a mountain bike racer. Ian’s enthusiasm and hard work is contagious and inspiring. He’s raced in many events around North Dakota, as well as the Almanzo 100 near Spring Val­ley, MN and the Dakota 50 in Spear­fish SD, where he was 37th of 600 last year. He rides with Grimsly’s Garage and the Burleigh County Bicycle Cult. Born and raised in Bismarck, Easton bartends at the Sports Page. In the wintertime, he plays amateur basket­ball and does a lot of training at the Missouri Valley Family YMCA.

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Clay Jenkinson: Encouraging conversation about the oil boom

This is the second of a series of interviews with Clay S. Jenkinson. A native of Dickinson, Jenkinson returned to North Dakota six years ago after spending much of his career elsewhere. He is the Director of the Dakota Institute, Distinguished Humanities Scholar at Bismarck State College, the Theodore Roosevelt scholar at Dickinson State University, and a columnist for The Bismarck Tribune. He lives in Bismarck.

PRAIRIE INDEPENDENT: Picking up where we left off in January, you offered a Bakken Oil Boom mission statement, which – and I’m paraphrasing here – included North Dakotans welcoming it, managing it intelligently, having it benefit everyone, and feeling when it ends that it was a good thing and helped set up our state for a prosperous, and culturally enriched 21st Century. Do you think that will happen? Continue reading

Gary Granzotto: New President of North Dakota ALF-CIO

By Don Morrison

Gary Granzotto, President of the ND ALF-CIO

(Gary Granzotto of Minot was elected President of the North Dakota AFLCIO at the state labor federation’s fall convention in Grand Forks. He succeeded Dave Kemnitz of Mandan who served as president for the past 28years. The Prairie Independent’s Don Morrison recently talked with Granzotto about the importance of what he does.)

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