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Back-to-School Transitions: Tips for Parents

By Stacy Sturm

Getting a new school year off to a good start can influence children’s attitude, confi­dence, and performance both socially and academically. The transition from August to September can be diffi­cult for both children and parents. Even children who are eager to return to class must adjust to the greater levels of activ­ity, structure, and, for some, pressures as­sociated with school life.

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Ramping-up Curbside Recycling Efforts

Kids get crafty with recycled items
at Urban Harvest.

The Bismarck-Mandan chapter of Dakota Resource Council is ramping up local efforts to get curbside recycling in the region.

The local group, Missouri Valley Resource Council, held two recycled art contests for children at Urban Harvest to raise awareness about recycling, as well as to show the demand for curbside recycling in Bismarck. Missouri Valley Resource Council plans to host another recycled art contest at Capitol A’Fair on August 5.

For more information please contact Dakota Resource Council at 224-8587 or scott@drcinfo.com. Also, like Dakota Resource Council’s facebook page.

By Todd Ford

Eva (Tilda Swinton) is working late at the travel agency when a coworker rushes into her of­fice panicked. It seems that her son Kevin’s high school is on the news. Someone is on a rampage, killing stu­dents and faculty and the police have the school surrounded.

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Letter to the Editor by Amber Smith-Heinert

Dear Editor,

When I initially joined the Missouri Valley Family YMCA I believed, like many, that it was a wonderful facility that allowed me to achieve my fitness goals. What I soon found out, in addition to the amazing facility, was the impact the Y has on our kids and our community. The Y understands that in order to truly impact a community we must invest in our kids and our families

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Celebrate Youth Art Month

Celebrate Youth Art Month at Bismarck Dowtown Art­ists Cooperative.

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