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Letter: Testing My Faith

Dear Editor,

Our newly ordained Catholic Bishop David Kagen has been on board with the Bismarck Diocese now for six months. In this short period Bishop Kagen has done irreparable damage to the diocese. He has adapted the top down Vatican, do as I say management style. This is hardly what Jesus had in mind for our church.

As a lifelong Catholic I am not jumping ship because I am encouraged by some very brave priests, religious women, and other lay Catholics.

We will not sit still and let many U.S. Catholic Bishops hijack the wonderful reforms of Vatican II initiated by the beloved Pope John the Twenty Third. We shall overcome!

John Maddock

The Oil Genie and the XL Pipeline

Approval of the proposed Keystone XL would help protect western North Dakota’s infrastructure and create thousands of jobs, Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., said Wednesday.”

– Bismarck Tribune, 1/12/12

“Hopes for the Keystone pipeline to provide a meaningful outlet for Bakken oil are unrealistic and mis­guided.”

– A.L. “Bud” Johnson – CIA Oil and Gas Analyst

“Colorado company proposes oil pipeline in N.D.”

– Bismarck Tribune, 2/17/12

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Gary Granzotto Letter: Coalition building neccessary

Dear Editor:

It has been two months since I be­came the president of the North Dakota AFL-CIO. The primary struggle during this time has been for the 1,300 locked out American Crystal Sugar workers. Though this situation remains unresolved there is cause to be thankful for those who have become involved in this struggle. Continue reading

People for a Better Bakken

Dear Editor:

As I write this letter, we are celebrat­ing a holiday season with family and friends on our little farm. This farm is a lifelong dream of ours. My husband and I bought this place about three years ago with the plan to retire here with our goats, sheep and chickens, to plant gar­dens and pick chokecherries, and teach our grandchildren to love the land and respect nature. A hobby farm compared to the serious agricultural endeavors of our neighbors, but we love it here and love the life we are building. Continue reading