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The Measure of a State

By Stacy Sturm

There are four measures on the ballot June 12. Two have been promoted and debated and then promoted and debated some more. But the other two have been added quietly and are garnering little attention. Here are ALL the measures and what a “Yes” or “No” vote would mean.

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Letter: Don’t Vote for Discrimination

Dear Editor:

Measure 3, at first glance seems like a winner– who wouldn’t “Vote YES for Religious Freedom”?

Looking closer at Measure 3, voting yes is a bad idea. A creation of the Catholic Dioceses of North Dakota, Measure 3 would reward religious institutions and individuals who deny basic services we are entitled to under US law and reinforce discrimination based on religious beliefs.

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Letter: The Dangers of Measure 3

Dear Editor:

In a few days I will be 84 years old. I am a lifelong Catholic and I recently realized that no public issue has ever been so troublesome to me as is Measure 3 on the June 12 ballot in North Dakota. It has been introduced by a group that is led by the two North Dakota Catholic bishops.

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North Dakotans Come Together to Oppose Measure Three

By The North Dakotans Against Measure 3

North Dakotans Against Measure Three, a broad-based, grassroots co­alition of religious leaders, medical and legal professionals and concerned citizens, have launched a campaign to defeat Mea­sure 3, which is on the June 12 Primary Election ballot.

“We all believe strongly in reli­gious freedom, but Measure 3 is vague and confus­ing and just goes too far,” said Tom Fiebiger, a former North Dakota State Senator and an attorney with more than 25 years of experience in helping North Dakotans fight discrimination. “This measure is so poorly written that it will open the door to endless litiga­tion and legal wrangling, clogging our already crowded courts and costing tax payers more of their hard-earned money.”

“We don’t need Measure 3. Re­ligious Freedom is already protected by the very first amendment to the U.S. Constitution and in Article 1, Section 3 of the North Dakota Constitution,” said Rev. Wade Schemmel of Bismarck.

“Unlike existing law, Measure 3 puts an individual’s religious beliefs ahead of the common good of all North Dako­tans. That’s not how things work in our state.”

“In America, we are all entitled to our own religious beliefs, but that doesn’t give any­one the right to harm other peo­ple,” said Fiebig­er. “If Measure 3 passes, it could allow a person to take advantage and use personal religious beliefs to claim the right to break important laws that are meant to protect all of us, like laws against abuse and discrimination.”

“For example,” Fiebiger explained, “a person could take advantage and claim that domestic violence laws don’t apply to him because his religion tells him he can discipline his wife as he sees fit.”

It’s very concerning,” said Schem­mel. “This law could be manipulated and harm others, and that’s why we are opposing this Measure 3.”

Potter announces opposition to Measure 3

Former Democratic US Sen­ate Candidate Tom Potter of Grand Forks has announced his opposition to Measure 3 on the primary election ballot.

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