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Northern Lights

By Sharon Carson

By the time you read the June issue of Prairie Independent, voters in Wisconsin will have decided whether or not to recall Governor Scott Walker in the wake of his aggressive legislative attacks on public employee unions, public education, and critical social services. The Wisconsin vote on June 5th will be historic on many levels, not least as a plumb measure of the current strength of progressive grassroots political organizing in the Midwest.

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New Column Explores Progressive Past, Present and Future

By Sharon Carson

Editors note: North Dakota’s past is rich in progressive ideas. From the origins of the Non-Partisan League to Governor Link’s “When the Landscape is Quiet Again” speech, the state has a tradition of looking out for the prairie and its peo­ple.

In the Prairie Independent’s new column, “History Notes,” UND pro­fessor Sharon Car­son and others will explore that past – pointing readers to important books and other media that bring our history into sharper focus – and the many ways it resonates today.

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