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North Dakota Economic Security and Prosperity Alliance to Host Bismarck-Mandan Town Hall Meeting

Bismarck, ND–The North Dakota Economic Security and Prosperity Alliance (NDESPA) will be hosting a town hall style meeting in Bismarck entitled ‘Bismarck-Mandan Speaks!’ The meeting is June 4, 2012 from 6:00-8:30 p.m. at the Bismarck Veterans Memorial Library.

“It seems we cannot turn on the radio or TV, open a newspaper or visit with a neighbor without hearing about the remarkable changes happening all across North Dakota” says Paul Ronningen, State Director for the Children’s Defense Fund and chairman of NDESPA.

“And while many community meetings are being held concerning these changes, little has been done to successfully engage local people in dialogue or ask people to share their experience in this new economy.  We want to hear about real day to day experiences, creative ideas for solutions and thoughts on how to improve the public policies necessary to make a real difference for people in our community,” added Ronningen.

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The perils of dependency corruption

By Betty Mills

Education comes in many forms and when they bump into each other, I feel duty bound to sort things out. Let’s start with a lecture complete with some compel­ling graphs explaining why the changes in our climate which some attribute to global warming is a natural phenom­enon and not the result of anything we human beings have helped to produce.

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Ryan Taylor Letter: North Dakota Communities, North Dakota’s Legacy

Dear Editor:

Senator Ryan Taylor

North Dakotans are strong people, not often prone to uttering discouraging words, but one can tell when that strength is tested.

Last week, as a member of the interim energy development committee, I heard phrases like ‘we are in crisis,’ ‘we need help,’ ‘our quality of life is gone,’ and ‘I am heartbroken’ from sincere, reasonable leaders of Mountrail, Williams, McKenzie and Dunn Counties – where oil drilling and development has been fast and furious. Continue reading