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Some Justice in a Mostly Forgotten Place

Charlie Barber, Mandan

By Charlie Barber
Part 2 of a series. Republished by permission of the au­thor and the High Plains Reader

It is very lonely sometimes, trying to play God.”
– U.S. Supreme Court Jus­tice Oliver Wendell Holmes

“Compassion is not weakness, and concern for the unfortunate is not so­cialism.”
– Hubert Humphrey

“Trust everyone, but cut the cards.”
– Finley Peter Dunne

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These Two Pipelines are Much Better Than the Other One

Charlie Barber, Mandan

Reprinted by permission of the au­thor and the High Plains Reader
By Charlie Barber


Amillion people spread out over this state [North Da­kota] is not going to seem very populated.”
– Harold Hamm, Chairman and CEO of Continental Resources

“We kind of feel like we’re drinking out of a fire hose right now.”
– Ward Koeser, Mayor, Williston, ND

“The genuine man of action is not intent on renovating the world, but on possessing it.”
– Eric Hoffer

“Our frustration is greater when we have much and want more than when we have nothing and want some.”
– Eric Hoffer

“History is made by juveniles.”
– Frederick Gentles

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Hypocritical Actions on Restoration of Mined Farmland

Dear Editor:

North Dakota has the strongest law in the United States on restoration of mined farmland, but the state Supreme Court’s recent Coal Lake ruling threatens to make it a dead letter.

The court upheld the Public Service Commission’s decision that recreation was a “higher and better” use for 86 acres of mined land than raising crops.

The coal companies think up these alternatives and so far the PSC has given its blessing to all of them – golf courses, dirt bike tracks, shooting ranges, waste disposal pits. Adding these to what’s considered a “higher and better” use exempts the coal company from meeting farm productivity standards. Continue reading

The Slurping Sound at the Bottom

The town of Berezniki in the Ural Mountains of Russia is home to more than 150,000 people. Built as a labor camp in the days of the USSR, the town sits directly on top of the mine shafts where millions of tons of potash were extracted.

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Not a Grassroots Movement

Betty Mills

Despite some rude and ugly behavior on the part of some of the Tea Party participants, the notion of a grass roots movement concerned with government was a comforting one. The low voting rate of our citizens has been a black mark on the national report card and here were people willing to stand up and be counted, even be mouthy.

Well, burst that bubble.

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New Media Project Describes Oil Country, One Story at a Time

When you’re working in the oil patch thousands of miles from home, friends are more important than ever. Just ask Kelvin Lacey, Alfredo Cantu and Julio Pulido. Photo courtesy of Todd Melby

Meet Todd Melby, a portraitist who constantly repaints the common man. With words. He’s covered all kinds of stories, from break­ing news to features, but his specialty is helping people tell their own stories, one at a time.

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The “Fighting Sioux” vs. “The Fighting Trolls”

Reprinted by permission of the author and The High Plains Reader, Fargo, ND

Sioux eyes are smiling”
Grand Forks Herald

“Ole says: ‘It’s awful to grow old by yourself. Lena hasn’t had a birthday in seven years.’”
– Red Stangland

“Troll: a dwarf or giant in Scandina­vian folklore inhabiting caves or hills.”
– Merriam Webster Dictionary

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Understanding Measure 2

The North Dakota League of Cities published a paper entitled “Words Matter: Understanding Mea­sure Two” that raises several unanswered issues regard­ing the measure to eliminate property taxes in North Da­kota. This Measure is a con­stitutional measure that is to be decided by the voters of the State and as such they should look at the following concerns before voting on the measure.

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And how are the children?

Paul Ronningen State Coordinator Children’s Defense Fund of North Dakota

By Paul Ronningen

The traditional greeting by the Masai of Africa reminds us of the strong value this tribe of warriors places on the well-being of their children. This greeting is a reminder to us in North Dakota to assess each and every day how well our children are doing.

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World’s Greatest Invention – Tacocopter?

Kelly Hagen

By Kelly Hagan

If you’re like me, right now, you’re sitting somewhere where there are no tacos nearby, and that’s just unacceptable. What can technology do to rectify this situation?

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