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GypsyFest Reunites GypsyFoot

By Mike Swenson

The first, perhaps annual, GypsyFest will be taking place outside Trenton, ND June 14-16 at the Falcon Creek campground. Featuring the reunion of GypsyFoot, along with Minneapolis songwriter Javier Trejo, Midwest Remedies, B-Town Funk Brigade, Dead Money, and more.

Free camping and parking is provided. Bring your own gear and be prepared for the elements.

No weapons of any kind are allowed. Midwest Remedies will kick off the event Thursday at 8 p.m.

Tickets will be available at the gate only for $50. For more information visit facebook.com/gypsyfoot 

After Hours Parking in Bismarck Changes

Photo from the Bismarck Parking Authority Entrance to the 6th Street Ramp

By Dawn Kopp, Executive Director Downtowners Association

Parking in any bustling and growing Downtown area can sometimes be a challenge. Bis­marck is no exception. With over $50 million dollars privately in­vested in our Downtown, new, expand­ing, and veteran businesses and new nightlife, more and more people are us­ing our city center.

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