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Keystone XL Pipeline decision should be made with true numbers

Pipeline expansions and present pipeline. From Anthony Swift, NRDC switchboard.

By Barb Price

Discussions about the Keystone XL pipeline have been throwing around numbers like candy at a parade. Supporters of the pipeline have been making promises of up to 250,000 jobs being created; lowered gas prices; energy security; thousands of gallons of North Dakota oil being sent south in the pipeline. . . It goes on and on.

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“Charity Begins at Home”- Except in Republican North Dakota

By Charlie Barber

Abridged/printed by permission of the author and the High Plains Reader, Fargo, ND

After living all of her 82 years in the same com­munity, Lois Sinness left her hometown this month, crying and towing a U-Haul packed with her every possession…’Our rents were raised, and we did not have a choice,’ Sinness said. ‘We’re all on fixed incomes, living mostly on Social Secu­rity, so it’s been a terrible shock.'”

Bismarck Tribune, 11/15/11

“Former North Dakota Gov. Ed Scha­fer has joined the board of Continen­tal Resources Inc., the state’s largest oil producer, months after he led an unsuccessful public campaign to prod the Legislature into cutting oil tax rates.”

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Purposefully making it harder to vote

By Betty Mills

If I told you the Republican Party as a policy of the party has spent millions of dollars to prevent people from voting, you might be inclined to doubt it. After all, this is the party of Abraham Lincoln and Theo­dore Roosevelt.

Ever hear of the word “caging?” You’re thinking zoo or dog training or maybe canary? There is another much more sinister definition at play in the electoral fields of this country. It is one of the techniques deliberately employed by the Republican Party to prevent cer­tain groups of people from voting, pri­marily people of color, of low income, students, Democrats. Continue reading